Denis Kulagin
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MasterForex develops sport in Indonesia

What is the most popular sport now? I think, that most of the people all over the world would answer without thinking – Football. But far not all countries have their super national teams. In Indonesia, for example, this sport is just beginning to gain popularity but, doubtless, will soon be onwards and upwards.

Why am I talking about football? That’s just because MasterForex company became the sponsor of football club PS Erkatude in Pontianak city, Indonesia. This football club was founded in 1965 year and takes part in U-21 Persipon 2012 Cup. The Cup, in which 14 teams strive to victory, runs from February, 3 till April, 2.

You can read more detailed information about Cup opening here.

I’m personally  really proud for my company which supports and develops sport. Who knows, may be PS Erkatude team will be the champion of Indonesia in future. I wish fair play and victory in the Cup to PS Erkatude team.

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